Have we lost credibility and how do we get it back?

Let me start by saying I believe in laissez-faire capitalism and freedom as defined by libertarians. It pains me to see “Wall Street greed” being the public discourse of the day. It pains me to see a CEO being questioned if it was “fair” if he earned what he earned. It pains me to see the very concept of pursuit of self interest (even greed if you must call it that), being challenged. Not here, not in America.

And as we shift through the causes and explore alternatives to the financial setback. Let’s not ignore the crisis of credibility in professional management. Most managers are vanguard of resources that they do not themselves own, and one hopes their incentives are aligned to pursue the best interests of their shareholders, employees, and customers in that order. However, that by itself has been proven to be insufficient. I do believe there is a crisis of leadership which needs to be addressed by those in professional management. If we don’t do something about it soon, the day is not far when the society will lose faith. We will be bound by regulation and adjudicated by courts.

I was heartened to see an article (“It’s time to make management a true profession”) in Oct 2008 issue of HBR that calls towards professional accreditation for managers, something along the lines of the bar for the lawyers, or a license for those in medicine. That is but one idea that could help, but we need to think more critically to protect our collective reputation. It’s no longer just a matter of ethics, it’s bad for business. I appeal to your self interest.

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I was born in Kanpur, India in 1977. I did my schooling partly in Kanpur, Surat and Udaipur. I spent most of my schooling years in Udaipur in a boarding school. This was the most enjoyable period of my life predominantly because I made a lot of friends and played a lot of football (my first love). My school years brought in a sinking realization that I was good in academics, average in football [even after my most sincere efforts :( ] and to put it euphemistically 'artistically challenged'. Hence cool careers in photography, sports, art & design or music were all beyond me. I took up what I could do best, and enrolled for engineering at Nagpur University. College brought its own pleasures, I had my share of beers, bunked classes, read the 'Bhagvad Gita', learned yoga and picked up love for traveling. After graduating I was one of the lucky few to get a great job at Infosys Technologies. The best thing I got from my first job - my Yamaha Rx 135. There were not many weekends when I did not explore places in and around Bangalore on it. In two years though my desire to pursue further studies caught up with me and I enrolled for a M.S in Computer Networking at North Carolina State University. Here I picked up basketball, love for stand up comedy, liking for the 'other football' and offcourse a little bit of computer networking. I graduated in Dec 2002 and am currently working for /n Software. I am slowly evolving into a die hard Linux and Open Source enthusiast, trying to pick up skydiving, biking, running and photography. Some might call that progress. :)
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