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Wilderness survival

If you are like me and love the outdoors, you have perhaps faced the conflict between stepping off the trodden path, and not being stupid in putting yourselves in a unnecessary danger. Though I am sympathetic to even those who … Continue reading

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Riding in Lights – Part II

Just do it. The best time to do anything is right now. This sentiment is responsible for many of my rash decisions, but more times than not it gets the job done. On Nov 7th, when my friends excused themselves … Continue reading

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Riding in lights

Fall is almost over, the clock’s have shifted back and its dark at 5.30. Sucks to be a runner or a mountain biker. Unless you let your imagination run wild, get a headlamp from REI, persuade a few friends and … Continue reading

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Sky is not the limit – the ground is

The tailgate lowers, the clatter of the CASA 212 twin-turbine aircraft intensifies. The light bulb next to the door starts flashing green and in matter of seconds half of the people in front of me are gone. I gingerly step … Continue reading

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